Upravljanje klimatom kod živine

NH3 sensor DOL 53

NH3 sensor DOL 53

The first sensor that measures the ammonia concentration in the air permanently is especially well-suited for use in livestock facilities. Big Dutchman climate computers control the climate in the house based on the sensor’s data. You can thus determine the quality of the house air at any time and immediately take measures when necessary.

Earny – innovative heat exchanger by Big Dutchman

Earny heat exchanger

Saves between 35 and 60 % of heating costs, improves the house climate and reduces emissions: approx. 30 % less ammonia, dust and odour emissions per year! In this regard please also refer to the DLG test results.

Earny: DLG test confirmed outstanding heat recovery rate

Earny heat exchanger tested by the DLG

The heat recovery efficiency of the Earny heat exchanger for poultry houses is far above standard. Comprehensive tests under practical conditions in the context of the renowned DLG FokusTest have proven this. For the excellent test results see the test report available for download on the right.

Poultry housing systems: intelligent poultry climate control thanks to CombiTunnel ventilation

CombiTunnel ventilation

CombiTunnel combines two different ventilation systems to ensure stable poultry climate control and outstanding environment conditions for the birds. This solution is recommended for regions where the climate is characterised by major temperature fluctuations.

235pro for poultry climate control in smaller houses

235pro climate computer

This user-friendly climate computer is a must for a reliable poultry climate control in poultry growing and egg production. The temperature-controlled emergency opening is a fail-safe system and ensures that the birds survive in case of power failure or technical breakdowns.

Sistemi za dovod svežeg vazduha

Bilo da se zahteva negativan pritisak, pozitivan pritisak, ili jednak pritisak ventilacije, za postizanje optimalnog dovoda svežeg vazduha u živinarsku staju, Big Dutchman nudi širok proizvodni spektar a različitih sistema dovoda vazduha: zidne ili palfonske ulaze, FAC ili Fumus dimnjake za svež vazduh, Baffle ili Split baffle.

AirMaster Blue 170C

AirMaster Blue 170C

Everything about this fan is XXL: air performance, energy efficiency and resistance against pressure. This newly developed fan is very versatile and especially well-suited for long houses with tunnel ventilation. It is corrosion-resistant, has an extremely low noise level and is very airtight due to the motorized shutter. An emergency opening can also be connected.

Krovni izduvi vazduha

Optimizovani dizaj za povešanje protoka naših dimnjaka povećava protok vazduha ventilatora i istovremeno smanjuje potrošnju energije. Da bi opmogućili optimalnu distribuciju izduva, Big Dutchman ima na raspolaganju širok spektar dimnjaka – za optimalno upravljanje klimatom staje!

ViperTouch klima i proizvodni računar

Fleksibilni klima i proizvodni računar za sve tipove živinarske proizvodnje. Računar omogućava optimalno upravaljanje klimatom i nije karakterističan samo po jednostavnom rukovanju putem ekrana osetljivog na dodir nego je nenadmašiv u pogledu konfora, brzine i performansi. U kombinaciji sa PC programom BigFarmNet Manager svi podaci klimata i podaci proizvodnih funkcija mogu se lako analizirati.

Zidni ventilatori

Naši zidni ventilatori visokih performansi nude dug radni vek, vosok kapacitet sa niskim utroškom energije, raznovrsni su, otporni na koroziju i imaju robusnu konstrukciju. Big Dutchman ima širok opseg dostupnih tipova – za optimalno upravljanje klimatom staje!

Poultry housing systems: RainMaker

RainMaker cooling system

RainMaker is a simple and highly effective pad cooling system, developed by Big Dutchman, which features an innovative frame system. RainMaker is characterised by its minimum installation requirements and is designed for simple supervision and maintenance.

Sistemi grejanja

Optimalne temperature pri visokoj energetskoj efikasnosti u svakoj živinarskoj staji. Cilj je da se maksimizira dobitak toplote i prenese na živinu na najbolji mogući način držanja troškova energije što nižim.Big Dutchman nudi više različitih sistema grejanja kao i visoko efikasni izmenjivač toplote.

Modern egg production with amacs

Poultry house management with amacs (egg production, breeder management)

The user-friendly Agro Management and Control System allows permanent data acquisition, real-time control and monitoring of each and every process in the house from virtually any location in the world via internet, smartphone or tablet.